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Updated: July 19, 2023

Batman Control Station in original box ( Tudor Rose, 1966 ) UK Exclusive Release. One of only a half dozen known to exist, the Tudor Rose Batman Control station is an extremely rare toy produced for the UK market. It has a red central control station with green and blue jets that attach to it with metal rods. In the center, a blue Batman stands above the key wearing a yellow cape. The ships are identical except for the colors and there is a yellow paper sticker with the Batman logo on the right side of each tail. Previous to this Batman release, Tudor Rose had originally branded the toy as Space City Control Tower in exactly the same colors, using only a spaceman instead of the updated Batman figure. While the Space City version had a radar dish in the center of the station, it is unclear whether one was included with the Batman version. The Batman figure is the same one as was used on the Tudor Flying platform, but in blue instead of red. The box front and back artwork features Batman seeming to launch upward next to two rockets beside him as Robin stands below. The short sides show the duo in the cockpit of the Batplane while the long sides show Batman gliding next to the Batplane with Robin piloting it. The station is untested, so no guarantee can be made of its working condition. All parts look to be unbroken and are in excellent condition. The paper stickers are all present and firmly attached.

Value: $1,000.

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