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Updated: August 23, 2005

Burgess Meredith (the Penguin from the classic Batman TV series) This authentic 8.5 x 11 item is an originalnot a pre-print. It is an extremely unique art print (drawn by Marshall Jay Kaplan) that was hand-signed by the celebrity illustrated!! THIS IS A VERY RARE, ONE OF A KIND ITEM!! The item can be signed by the artist if requested.

Burgess Meredith AKA Oliver Burgess Meredith Born: 16-Nov-1908 Birthplace: Cleveland, OH Died: 9-Sep-1997 Location of death: Malibu, CA Cause of death: Alzheimer's

TELEVISION Mr. Novak Principal Martin Woodridge (1964-65) Batman The Penguin (1966-68) Those Amazing Animals Host (1980-81) Gloria Dr. Willard Adams (1982-83)

FILMOGRAPHY AS DIRECTOR The Man on the Eiffel Tower (19-Jan-1950)

FILMOGRAPHY AS ACTOR Grumpier Old Men (22-Dec-1995) Camp Nowhere (26-Aug-1994) Grumpy Old Men (25-Dec-1993) Rocky V (16-Nov-1990) State of Grace (14-Sep-1990) Full Moon in Blue Water (23-Nov-1988) Santa Claus (29-Nov-1985) Twilight Zone: The Movie (24-Jun-1983)

[VOICE] Rocky III (28-May-1982) Clash of the Titans (12-Jun-1981) The Last Chase (5-Jun-1981) True Confessions (2-Oct-1981) The Day the World Ended (28-Mar-1980) Rocky II (15-Jun-1979) Foul Play (14-Jul-1978) Magic (Nov-1978) The Manitou (9-Jun-1978) Golden Rendezvous (25-Dec-1977) The Sentinel (7-Jan-1977) Burnt Offerings (25-Aug-1976) Rocky (21-Nov-1976) 92 in the Shade (22-Aug-1975) The Day of the Locust (7-May-1975) The Hindenberg (25-Dec-1975) The Master Gunfighter (3-Oct-1975) Such Good Friends (21-Dec-1971) There Was a Crooked Man... (04-Nov-1970) Mackenna's Gold (18-Mar-1969) The Reivers (25-Dec-1969) [VOICE] Skidoo (2-Dec-1968) Stay Away, Joe (8-Mar-1968) Hurry Sundown (6-Feb-1967) A Big Hand for the Little Lady (8-Jun-1966) Batman (30-Jul-1966) Madame X (27-Apr-1966) In Harm's Way (6-Apr-1965) The Cardinal (12-Dec-1963) Advise and Consent (6-Jun-1962) The Man on the Eiffel Tower (19-Jan-1950) The Diary of a Chambermaid (15-Feb-1946) Story of G.I. Joe (18-Jun-1945) That Uncertain Feeling (17-Apr-1941) Tom Dick and Harry (13-Jun-1941) Second Chorus (3-Dec-1940) Idiot's Delight (27-Jan-1939) Of Mice and Men (30-Dec-1939)

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