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Updated: June 04, 2023

"Born in England, Angela is the younger sister of actress Veronica Cartwright. As a child she was cast as the cute little stepdaughter, Linda Williams, on "Make Room for Daddy" ( 1953 ). She was on the show from 1957 to 1964. After that, she was cast as Brigitta in the popular Julie Andrews movie The Sound of Music ( 1965 ). Soon after, she returned to series TV as Penny Robinson, young teenage space traveler, in "Lost in Space" ( 1965 ), which ran from 1965-1968.

Even with cheap special effects and a hokey story line, the show is still popular today. In 1970 Angela had a part in "Make Room for Granddaddy" ( 1970 ), a sequel to the original series, but the show was soon canceled. Since that time, she has made a life outside of films."

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