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Updated: May 24, 2024

Angela Cartwright as Penny Robinson: ( Character Profile )

The second of the Robinsons children's, Penny proved to be virtually the complete opposite of her older sister Judy. Studious by nature, she showed great interest in the classics from an early age. She prefers classical music to pop ( though not disliking the later music at all ), and enjoys reading nothing as much as Shakespeare, which she in the faithfully reads every night before bed. This early interest is science, and she found that she had a thirst for knowledge about living creatures, which eventually led her to start specializing in zoology.

With the selection of the Robinsons as the first space family, Penny was thrilled at the prospect of exploring alien life-forms, shortly after the crash of the Jupiter-2, she discovered and adopted a chimp-like creature she named Debbie, as well as a small tortoise-like beast.

Penny is a deeply thoughtful young girl, growing up on the spaceship without companionship of her own age. She likes to be alone and lives quite actively in her imagination. She is brave and cheerful, though prone to be snappish with her younger brother Will. She continues her studies on the Jupiter-2, and hopes to eventually become a foremost authority on extra-terrestrial life.

( Research info obtained by John Peels - The Complete LIS Book - 1989 )

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