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Updated: March 26, 2024

Adam West was a gem!

The late actor was best known for playing Bruce Wayne / Batman in the 1960's ABC live-action television series Batman, which was delightfully campy and silly. And with Ben Affleck once again donning the cape and cowl in Justice League, opening Thursday night, it is time to look back at one of the most over-the-top moments in Batman history, which only West could pull off: a phone to each ear, talking to himself as Bruce Wayne and Batman.

The premises for the glorious scene is Mr. Freeze has demanded a ransom from Wayne for some reason. Naturally, police get Batman involved. Going back and forth between phones, changing his voice, West arranges the details with himself on what is going to occur with the drop-off. The only thing better than West's performance is Burt Ward's Dick Grayson looking on in awe.

How many takes did this require?!

West died June 9. He was 88. The beloved actor was mourned the world over. Los Angeles held its own special goodbye, displaying the Bat-Signal on City Hall.

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