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Celebrates 23 Years!

As of January 11, 2024 we mark yet another year as a website. Hard to believe it's been 23 years already and still going strong. I remember very well when I first started this website on January 11, 2001 on "What I Collect.com" Fellow Lost in Space fan, Dave Berry keep asking me to post my collection on this website. I was finally convinced to join and gave it a shot. I knew nothing about websites, uploading files, cleaning up images, and setting up pages and creating items of interest. Not to mention endless hours of research, write-up text on items and countless changes and better quality of images worth posting.

Our website continues to grow with many items of interest. Including classic TV shows, collectibles, celebrity pages, publications, artwork, props, dioramas, monsters, sci-fi, as well as fandom and news of interest when it comes available here. I try to inform updates on Facebook when times permits me here. Lately updates are taking longer for I am currently spending lots of time cleaning up text and updating photos or images on many of the pages. As of this posting we currently have 6,837 items and over 149,474 (as of September 4, 2023) As always there much more to come. Let me know if there's something new you might like to see on our website? Were always open for fresh ideas to keep our website exciting?

We losted many celebrities in 2023 and they will all be surely missed. Here is just a few worth mentioning... Mark Goddard, Suzanne Somers, Matthew Perry, Lisa Marie Presley, David McCallum, David Crosby, Cindy Williams, Jerry Springer, Jimmy Buffett, Norman Lear, Raquel Welch, Richard Roundtree, Tony Bennett, and Bob Barker.

I've been traveling again since July 2023 to January 2024 throughout Asia. I enjoy my visits to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos, and my first adventures in China. Very cold country, food was very difficult seeing they don't use a fork there and chopsticks I have no current skills using them. The culture is amazing but I find the people very hard to deal with and personal manners need to be improved. English is not there second language and putting a finger at a picture or menu is beyond frustrating with many tourist. Plan on going back to the USA and Austin Texas this month to spend some quality time with my brother Randy, and my friend Russ with a few cruises plan to Mexico and Jamaica. I hope 2024 I fine new travels to Australia and Europe which I've wanted to go for many years. Need to give Asia a rest for awhile, kinda bored on the rice, and foods I have no clue what it is besides seeing it move on the plate or bowl.

The very best in health and happiness to all of you and your family. As always thanks to my dear friend and Webmaster, Kirk Roderick who has been my backbone on this website for all these years. Without him none of this would be possible. As well as big thank you's for everyone who supports this website and contributes there work and efforts making this a very special website home for so many fans.

My Best Always,

Robert Vanderpool - "Uncle Odie"
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