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Updated: June 18, 2014

One of the rarest toys to every be found. It's a M5 Space Jet Rocket, which was made in Greece by Lyra, for a very brief amount of time, during the mid 1960's. The toy was based on the Jupiter M5 Rocket by Masuya of Japan, but was radically changed for local production, as a clear plastic canopy with a pilot figure in the cockpit was featured, along with rather colorful litho artwork.

It is known that the tooling for manufacturing this toy was damaged shortly after production started, thus very few of these were every made. So far, this is the third surviving example known to exist today, and it's quite unlikely any more of these to pop up.

The rocket's fuselage is about 25 cm. long, and its' wingspan is nearly 9.5 cm., it has a soft rubber tip on front, a clear plastic canopy with a pilot figure in cockpit, the litho artwork is quite flamboyant, and the toy is friction driven.

As far as condition goes, the toy has never been played with; however, there are a few finish imperfections, (as usual with vintage Greek tin toys), and some scratches are evident on the nose's tin rubber tip housing. Thankfully, the colors remain very bright and appealing, the clear plastic canopy's clarity remains very good, all parts are intact, no bumps, no cracks, and its' friction motor runs smoothly.

Please note that production of this toy probably remained in a few hundred pieces; making it virtually non-existent today. So, if you're looking on adding something rare and special to your space collection, here it is!

Value: $1,300-UP.

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