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Updated: November 07, 2022

A custom made Water Conversion Unit first seen the episode "Welcome Stranger" like most equipment used by the Robinson's it changed from year to year. Recreated the one mostly seen throughout season one. The only notable change to this unit after season one was the water canister. I made this unit in 1/6 scale, that means it is in scale with 12" Figures. The figures in the photo are 12" figures from Scifi Metropolis. The unit is 15' tall x 9'' wide ( gold rods ) The unit weighs around 1-1/2 lbs.

It is made of Pine wood, balsa wood ( turned down on a lathe ) doll rod. wood beads, plastic sheet, and card stock. Look close and you will see that there's depth behind the panels just like the one on TV.

(*) Special thanks to, "Ron Mejak" of Brunswick Ohio on this item!

Value: $150.

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