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Updated: November 13, 2022

Welcome "War Of The Robots" Fans. What You are looking at is a custom diorama of "War of the Robots". It Features the two Polar Lights kits (Robby & the Lost in Space Robot). The Diorama was built by a Hollywood Special Effects Artist with over 30 years of experience. Both kits were customized and enhanced for a more accurate appearance.

First Robby's Transducer Rings were replaced with clear rings fabricated from a clear flexible plastic. The original rings were clear also but had a seam down the center that could not be hidden. At least 40 hours was spent on "Body Shop Work" (sanding and patching). Air brush painting was done on all parts including a two part glaze air brush finish on the main body. (No Seams).

Next is The Lost in Space Robot...he was a bare, more time was spent with this kit. The entire head section is scratch built, the original head piece was so inaccurate it had to be replaced with one made out of styrene. I was able to use all original clear parts. Next a new motorized treads for the lower section. Original treads were too big a stuck out too far. Over 60 hours of body shop work and air brush paint completed this kit (No Seams).

Finally, the diorama: The Planet surface was fabricated from a composite of materials: Balsa Foam, Bondo Resin Composite & Masonite. The rock formation was sculpted in Balsa Foam then coated with Bondo Resin to give it a hard surface. The Base was Fabricated in MDF and finished in a Faux Metallic finish dressed with Torx head screws.

This is a piece of Art, and one of a kind original!

Value: $400.

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