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Updated: November 13, 2022

Lost in Space special diorama - "War of the Robots" model built-up. One of a kind with custom lights and the good Dr. Smith as well. This diorama is a customized Polar Lights kit, and a additional red light in the B9 Robot, and a blue light with our Robby the Robot friend. Classic first season B9 color-scheme customized beautifully painted built prop. Very handsome with / putty seams on barrel / silver claws / enhanced control-plate. Doctor Smith has been revised top garment has been changed as to one in kit.

Robby with custom-arms has proper control-plate used on this Lost in Space episode & painted matt-black / blue tips on 4-sensors and painted details in Robby-brain. Lights run on 8 AA-battery-pack light-switch on-off between back of display-stand / batteries included / battery-pack sits under display stand / display stand is a nice bright red as photos showing the red too dull. Robby Stands near 8-inch / B9-Robot stands 7.75 inch, display stand 8 by 10 inch, diameter / total height of stand with Robots near 10-inches tall.

Created by Jerry VonMueller of New York City!

Value: $200.

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