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Updated: November 30, 2022

Now for something completely different, and as the Invaders from the 5th dimension warned, Do not trouble your feeble minds with questions about its size. This diorama from Space Creature is based completely on the sets and could never fit in the Jupiter-2. The only clue to what was in the room that had the ladder that led down to the power core was when Will opened the door to it and we saw the shelves with the power meter. I thought I'd have fun with that storeroom and add all the head scratching equipment that appeared in other episodes. It includes the ore cart from West of Mars, bamboo fishing poles from War of the Robots, pink bowling ball from Wreck of the Robot, wicker chair, golf clubs, and cash register from Two Weeks in Space, the ouija board from Ghost in Space, the theatrical set from The Galaxy Gift, the mid century modern chair and table from Wish Upon a Star and other episodes. the detonator from Forbidden World and other episodes, the giant thermometer from The Dream Monster, the picnic basket from Return From Outer Space and other episodes, and various warning signs, not that anybody paid any attention to them. I had some additional space next to the power core so I added the reactor chamber that was later made into The Raft. It was never seen inside the spaceship but Don said they could pull it out of the engine room. The very detailed reactor chamber was beautifully designed and 3D printed by Jeff Wargo, who also printed the cash register and distillation unit for me. Gary Stair printed the Will figure. The diorama is in 1/35th scale, and is my 47th so far.

Bill Hedges

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