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Updated: October 18, 2022

Thanks to Polar Lights with these great reissued kits of the 1960's by Aurora, has sparked new interest in the world of model building. I have found it quite interesting on how many different ways you can built, paint, re-custom your B-9 the way you want it. I can't seem to get enough of these B-9 diorama's made fast enough. My collection is growing so fast, I even had to start a new section here.

First off comes from Jerry VonMueller (who else?) from New York City. This mad Robot builder genus, get's better with each new box he opens. I have Known Jerry (Silverspider 2000) for several years now. As with all of his diorama's he adds extra features to make each kit so special when completed. This B-9 has turning torso, hand made inside dome section. Hand made claws, cut-out buttons and chest area, which both area's lighting up with a flick of a switch. Even a soil sample door opens at the base of the Robots feet. This Robot does it all accept eat. (That will be Jerry's next Robot project?)

Then comes from newcomer "Glenn Rodriguez" of Brookfeild Illinois. This is my second kit from Glenn, with many more being added to my collection and website. You will see and hear more about Glenn on future updates on our website. A very beautiful and clean paint job on this B-9 Robot. "No, Danger Will Robinson here, except if you drop this baby on the floor!"

Additional photos have been submitted here from fans/model builders all over the world. Thanks to everyone for sending in there Robot diorama's, and please keep sending them in here!!

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