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Updated: July 18, 2017

Creature From The Black Lagoon:

Great 8.5x11" posed promotional for this 1954 cult classic Ben Chapman is seen, just about to grasp Julie Adams After 15 million years he is the last Devonian age survivor of his species ~ a humanoid-man-fish One of Hollywood's original most memorable beauty & the beast films ~

Astonishingly realistic makeup for the Gillman was created by Universal's Bud Westmore who also did makeup for IT Came From Outer Space, Soylent Green, The Monolith Monsters, The Mole People, & Tarantula, to name but a few.

All out of & above water scenes were performed by Ben Chapman underwater scenes by Olympic swimmer Ricou Browning. Browning used an air hose to breathe, which he dropped to film the scenes. Gorgeous underwater sequences, groundbreaking for its era & budget, still rival many of todays films an atmospheric & stylish low-budget feature with a great soundtrack thats completely 50's scifi ~ All in all, this film is a 'Monster Masterpiece' its success brought us two sequels, 'Revenge of the Creature' & 'The Creature Walks Among Us'.

The classic starred scifi notable Richard Carlson, the luscious Julia Adams, Richard Denning, Antonio Moreno, Whit Bissell, & great character actor Nestor Paiva.

Action starts when prompted by archaeologist Dr. Carl Maia's (Moreno) discovery of a strange, half-man, half-amphibian skeletal hand in a remote location of the Amazon ~ Led by scientist David Reed (Carlson), fellow scientist & girlfriend Kay (Adams), & a jealous benefactor Dr. Mark Williams (Denning), they discover the fossil they seek is 'alive' & well in its Amazonian pool ~ This Classic was originally shot in 3-D, but is as good without it ~ Being the last of his ancient race, the GillMan has mating on his mind ~ his aquatic ballet with unsuspecting Julie Adams (Kay) makes us feel for him as we would other classic heartsick grotesques. A true film for the sci-fi afficinado ~ Fun Stuff!

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